You're invited to 221b Baker Street tonight on PBS

Borrowing the marketing slogan from the World Series bound, Texas Rangers,  —  “It’s Time”.

Sherlock is tonight on PBS and KERA in North Texas. You’ve read the reviews. You heard from co-creators/co-writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. To give you a bit more background before you settle in to watch the first of three installments tonight on PBS’ Masterpiece series let’s go behind the scenes and hear from principle actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and get their thoughts on tonight’s premiere. For those in the UK, know that a second set of three programs have already been commissioned and creators Moffat and Gatiss are already at work creating some great television due out in 2011.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) on the Sherlock scripts

Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) – who is Sherlock Holmes?

Martin Freeman — who is John Watson?

Benedict Cumberbatch — on updating Sherlock Holmes

Would love to know what you think after you’ve seen. Broadcast schedule for the three programs are as follows:

Sunday, October 24 – “A Study in Pink”

Sunday, October 31 – “The Blind Banker”

Sunday, November 7 – “The Great Game”

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  • p. johnson

    Rathbone, Brett, and Cumberbatch!

  • Oh my goodness! This was by FAR the best Masterpiece Mystery I have ever watched! The performance by Cumberbatch was so intriguing and I really enjoyed it. Freeman is also really amazing, I’ve loved him ever since The Office. Needless to say I cannot wait for Halloween! Thanks for airing the series 🙂

  • Len

    I really liked the first episode.

    Placing a story/character out of the original time period can be a very tricky thing to do, but what I saw this evening, it seemed to work really well!

    Sherlock Holmes with a website.

    Who’da thunk that was possible?

  • Celeste

    If the other episodes are as good as the first, I think I have a new favorite series! At times Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes reminded me a bit of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who, especially when his brilliant mind was working out the details, leaving everyone else behind. Did anyone else think so?

    • Celeste: You will now have a favorite series. After seeing all three, I think the final one on Nov 7 (The Great Game) is the best. I agree with your thought about the Doctor. Was also great to see Sherlock’s mind work with a smartphone.

  • Cora

    This was amazing! It really was tricky to bring the time period so far forward, but I totally see the original Holmes in this century with this portayal. Another special adventure from Steven Moffat and all associated with this series. And YES, there are definitely Matt Smith’s Doctor snippets.
    Thanks PBS/BBC (is it a BBC production?)

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