Mr. Bean Halloween Horror

With Halloween fast approaching, there are many different kinds of scary when it comes to movies. From Jaws-scary to Psycho-scary to Texas Chainsaw Massacre-scary, tastes vary and levels of fright vary. As you begin to make your Halloween horror movie selections for this weekend, you might want to think about staying home to watch the likes of The Exorcist, Halloween (the original, of course), Alien or even the great Killer Clowns from Outer Space this year.

Everyone’s favorite British comedian, Mr. Bean, subjects himself to the unsuspecting movie theatre crowd and has some issues with the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street, part (insert ascending number here for each subsequent year you watch this clip) which seems to be the traditional scary movie of choice these days. It’s not a pretty sight for those around him as you can see in this clip….

Still scared of clowns or just an urban myth?

Anyone have a particularly favorite scary movie or was there a movie that kept you up all night as a kid, but looking at it today is nothing? Stories, folks. Need stories now.

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