Happy Halloween – British style! from Tellyspotting

In late September of 1975, English writer/actor, Richard O’Brien, gave the world the greatest cult film of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Starring fellow Brit, Tim Curry, along with the great Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon and Dallas-born, Meat Loaf, I remember seeing this while working at a rock radio station in Austin years ago that sponsored the “world premiere” in Austin, TX with the greatness of Tim Curry in attendance. ’75 was a great year as I was also at the “world premiere” of Monty Python and The Holy Grail in Dallas. No Tim Curry, but we did get handed a coconut while waiting in line.

Having seen Rocky Horror at countless midnight showings over the years, it was the one and only time to actually hear all the dialogue on screen. Sadly, the Time Warp dance contest never really got off the ground that year as station officials forgot that no one had seen them movie yet so they really didn’t know what the “Time Warp” was. Need the Time Warp dance steps? You can download here. Or, if you want to be like Brad, you can always do the Madison.


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