Kryten meets MI6

Seems as though a funny thing happened to Robert Llewellyn as he stepped up his brilliant Carpool series to Dave, the self-proclaimed television home of witty banter, recently. When tooling around London this summer doing some mounted camera and microphone testing, he attracted the attention of London anti-terrorism police in the process. As they passed MI6 headquarters, unfortunately not the kind of building you want to pass by when driving a car with blacked-out windows and a camera mounted outside the car, they were pulled over by rather heavily-armed gentlemen wanting to know what was happening.

As you can see from the end of the clip below, it was really much-ado-about-nothing as they immediately recognized Llewellyn as the former host of Scrapheap Challenge for Channel 4 in the UK. After that, all was fine as Llewellyn explained. “I was actually quite scared. I thought they might say this is illegal. I got out of the car and the one advantage of Scrapheap Challenge is that more or less every policeman has watched it. And so he said: ‘Oh it’s you – carry on.’ I didn’t even have to say anything.”

The new upgrade to Carpool began last night on Dave in the UK. While we have talked about this series several times, you may or may not be familiar with what was originally a web-based series of 70+ episodes produced, written, edited and starring Llewellyn who drives around the city interviewing anyone and everyone that would be an interesting interview. Most popular to date has been Sir Patrick Stewart with over 100,000 downloads from iTunes. You can watch archive episodes of Carpool on Llewellyn’s website,

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