Possible AbFab reunion? Just do it!

Much like the case when you read reports of 70’s, 80’s or, even, 90’s bands getting back together, there is a certain “cringe” factor when you hear about television shows from the same time period resurrecting former cast members for a reunion show. As I have expressed, probably too many times, re-makes are bad enough, but there are sometimes that even re-makes are a welcome sight compared to reunion shows. Thankfully, for every rule, there is an exception and reunion shows just plain make sense. Plain and simple, this makes sense!

Eddie and Pats could be “getting the band back together” and are quietly discussing the idea of another booze chugging adventure according to rumors swirling the Internet cloud. Seems that Joanna Lumley (Patsy) told Playbill.com that she was contacted by Jennifer Saunders (Edina) asking if she was interested in another go at AbFab. Word is, June Whitfield, Julia Sawalha and Jane Horrocks are interested also.

So, I say get the band back together. I’m so there.  What do you say?

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  • ToddMBZ

    I could see a special titled “Still Fabulous” being made – using the aged versions of Edina and Patsy. John Plowman and Jen discussed a series using these characters on the series 4 commentary. It could be set in an upmarket aged care facility where the two are under the care of Lleywella Gideon’s nurse character. Ruby Wax’s Beth De Woody could be a co-habitant of this home. If it were a special, I would have the girls being called out of retirement to consult on a BBC documentary on the fashion/PR industries. Much to the chagrin, the project would involved Eddie’s old nemesis – Claudia Bing. Bubble could make an appearance as the new CEO of Edina’s company – sporting her affected duchess persona from series five. This could even be the basis for a spin off series.

    I would would also like to see a special tie up issues such as Edina’s professional rivalry with Claudia and Fleur’s growing insurrection against Patsy. Perhaps Serge – with assistance from Marshall and Bo, buys up part of Claudia’s company as an act of revenge against his mother. He could reconcile with Eddie, all the while feeding her secrets to Claudia. The scam could be uncovered by Bubble, unwittlingly, and Saffron, moved by her Mother’s grief at Serge’s betrayal, could establish a tentative communication with her again. Patsy, meanwhile, would ‘take care or the Bing woman’.