Spooks (MI-5) better than 24 – part 37

Forgive me. It’s been far too long since I last ranted that the brilliant BBC drama, Spooks (MI5), was better than it’s American counterpart, 24. Not to worry. With every new season, comes a host of reasons why I will forever continue to believe that Spooks (MI5) is the best show on television. Series 9 just concluded this past week on BBC1 and is slated for its American premiere on public television stations nationwide beginning in April 2011. Having had the benefit of seeing seven episodes of the newest season (there are only 8 episodes, so I’m anxiously awaiting the finale, which should be in the queue any day now), I promise to not include any spoilers in today’s rant. All I can say is…you haven’t seen anything yet. You just think you know Lucas North. This series just keeps getting better and better, nine years in.

As the newest set of programs concluded in the UK, word is that the Chinese government has taken the newest plot thread just a bit more seriously than expected. So much so, according to The Guardian, that is has instructed Beijing TV companies not to co-operate with BBC Worldwide. So it features Chinese agents engaged in nefarious activities: trying to kidnap a scientist and threatening to detonate a bomb in London if anyone interfered; working with Russians to hack Anglo-US cybersecurity; and stealing the blueprint of a genetic weapon. It’s television. Thankfully, the governments of Syria, Colombia, France, Iran, Israel, Russia and the United States realize Spooks (MI5) is brilliant television, key phrase here being the word, television.

Can’t imagine any government getting upset over something that Jack Bauer ever did. I rest my case.

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  • Jean Norton

    When will MI-5 return?
    Can’t stand my Sat. p.m w/o it.

    You have a number of really good programs late Sun. into Mon. Could they be moved and fill out some of Sat.?

    • @Jean: KERA (and U.S. public television) broadcast rights to the newest season of MI-5 will begin in April 2011. Until then, we have a number of new programs set to begin in January on both Saturdays and Sunday nights such as Hustle, Black Books, Worst Week of My Life, Outnumbered, etc. We will also be bringing back The Old Guys for a new season in addition to airing the last two seasons of Last of the Summer Wine. Besides MI-5 in April, we will also broadcast Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to Life on Mars. A great year coming up on KERA. Hope you will agree.

  • ronnie

    do you know if the current series 9 of MI-5 that just concluded on BBC is available via netflix in the US?

    • Ronnie: Will see what I can find out. I do know that, surprisingly, the DVD of season 9 is supposed to be out not too far beyond the scheduled release of season 8 on DVD, which is set for late-January 2011. That’s a really fast turnaround given the series just ended in the UK and won’t be on public television stations until April 2011. Will see what I can find out on your Netflix question.

  • Susan

    I just have to say I miss MI-5 and was very distressed until I found out it was going to be back in April. My Saturday night isn’t the same since I am not a big fan of Faulty Towers. I miss Dr. Who and MI-5. Love the late nite science fiction. I do love the Robin Hood series. Will you be showing all seasons? Thanks for everything and keep up the great work. A Fan of British programming. Susan

    • Susan: Thanks for the kind comments. You are not alone in your “distressed factor” having to wait for season 9 of MI-5. All I can say is it will be well worth the wait. New season will begin in April 2011 along with a return of Doctor Who on Saturdays with the first Matt Smith season. Will definitely air all Robin Hood programs. Also, you’ll need to check out Hustle when it premieres on January 8. If you don’t already know of this series, you’re going to love it. From the producers of MI-5 and Life on Mars. Lots of new comedies too beginning in January.

  • will the new series of MI-5 be shown on PBS U.S in April as well? I agree that it is a brilliant show…the shining star of my TV viewing!!

    • @Augusta: Broadcast rights for the new series are available to PBS stations beginning April 1. It will be up to each individual PBS station that has MI-5 rights as to when the will begin, but I believe most will air around that time. KERA will begin on Thursday, April 14, if I remember how it is playing out correctly. What city are you in and what PBS station do you watch (if you’re not in the North Texas area) and I can try and determine when you will be able to see?

  • w

    WOO HOO!!! (new) MI-5 is (nearly) back!

    From: Sarah Walker: “Hello, You emailed KERA’s Audience and Member Services recently requesting information about the MI-5 program. I am writing to inform you that the new season of MI-5 will begin on April 14, 2011 at 9pm!”

    … *ahem*, once again, with feeling: “WOO HOO!!!”

  • bob

    MI 5 is a wonderful show. My favorite show of the last 20 years (next to buffy tvs). Sadly pbs is showing epsisodes from several years ago and virutally all of the characters have died horribly in subsequent seasons. I am waiting for dvd of season 9.

    • Bob: Depending on where you are, season 9 will premiere on a number of public television stations beginning in April 2011. Not sure when the DVD is coming out, but it should be soon as it aired in the UK towards the end of 2010. I agree, best thing on tv in 20 years+.

  • Zona Bob

    I’m now up to S8:E6 and totally addicted. I’m so pleased to be able to watch this fantastic Brit spook series on NTFX live-streaming. Retirement, one episode after another, and NO COMMERCIALS – like living independently wealthy on Bora Bora.
    ~Bob, Tucson
    ps/ E8:S3 was spectacular. The amazing thing about that episode was that the 8 wealthiest men in the US(?? – US? really?) just spent a week here in Tucson last month (May, ’11). The local media didn’t know, or report it, until the resort in the Catalina Mountain Foothills here released the meeting two days after they’d left. They were at the Westin La Paloma. And yes, Mr. Gates was in attendance.

  • Zona Bob

    Can you say, ‘Bilderberg’ meetings?