I'm convinced Craig Ferguson secretly wants to be 12th Doctor

On the heels of Sunday’s tellyspotting post of an early Craig Ferguson appearance on Red Dwarf, we learned from CBS Entertainment (thankfully, in time) that last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was to be a full-blown special edition Doctor Who-themed episode with guest Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who.  The show will also feature a specially crafted Doctor Who open, monologue, email segment with Nerdist Chris Hardwick and, as teased by host Craig Ferguson through his Twitter account, @CraigyFerg, a Dalek.

Here’s a preview from Monday’s Late Late Show

If you missed the show on Tuesday, the full show should be up online soon on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson homepage. Will update later today w/out spoilers for those that missed the show on Tuesday night.

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