The TARDIS lands in Monument Valley

Doctor Who has left the building. Ok, not really, but the Doctor has left Utah’s Monument Valley. While probably a pretty quick trip in the TARDIS to go from Cardiff to America, the 3-day shoot in Utah that ended Friday, included Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, the Doctor’s companion, Amy, along with Alex Kingston (ER) for an episode that will be part of the upcoming season of Doctor Who, the second of the current Matt Smith-era.

According to producer/writer, Steven Moffat, the crew started scouting locations back in September. Marshall Moore, director of the Utah Film Commission said that after considering shooting at landmarks such as Mount Rushmore, “…they settled on the look of the American West,” Moore said. Moffat cryptically said, “…he’s there for a very important reason, and the universe depends on him making the right choice.”

Time to get out your tweed jacket and bow tie and get ready for April 2011.

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