Happy Thanksgiving from Tellyspotting

Since I make up the rules here, I’m allowed one a year non-British related post a year. I’m exercising my right today, Thanksgiving. This great 30 minutes in 30 seconds compilation dates back to 1978 and has become an annual Thanksgiving tradition in its own right every year since. It’s too good to pass up and not share. Anyone else remember this?

With that in mind, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us (actually, me) at tellyspotting.

Feel free to watch, remember back and then please forward on to someone you know who thought turkeys could fly to save them from a potential tragic holiday season.


In: Comedy

  • Bob Shepton

    Hey Bill,

    Happy thanksgiving to you too!

    Are Doc Martin and After You’re Gone still on KERA?


    • Bob, thanks for the note. Doc Martin is still on as we have just completed season one. Currently, there are four seasons that exist with a fifth on the way. We will pick up with season two after the current pledge drive is over. After You’ve Gone has ended as there were only three seasons produced. Will bring back at some point, but we have 4-5 new comedies beginning in January that I hope you’ll enjoy. Black Books, Outnumbered, Worst Week of My Life, the “new” Reggie Perrin with Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) and a new season of Old Guys. Enjoy.