Red Dwarf Easter Eggs for Christmas

Call it geeky, nerdy or whatever you want. This is just plain cool. Easter eggs are a long-standing tradition whether it be in films, television or, now, DVD releases. Not entirely sure if this is the work of Andrew Ellard or not, but the good folks over at have put together a compilation of Red Dwarf “Easter Eggs” that appear in the DVD sets of seasons 1-8 and the most recent Back to Earth release.

Just in time for Christmas…how do they do that?

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a British comedy fan on your list, you can print out the list and include with the DVD sets. Oh, wait, it’s invisible. Duh. Oh, well, here’s the list set by set. Don’t forget to follow the instructions. In case you miraculously miss the instructions on the RD homepage, it states: To read the answers below, simply highlight the ‘invisible’ text with your cursor. The invisible text will then appear.

Here’s and example of an “Easter egg” from one of the all-time great RD episodes, “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”…

  • Disc 1: Go to the episode selection menu and select Gunmen. Then navigate over the sheriff badge and hit ‘select’ to see Rob, Doug and Ed talking about the episode… and wearing some most disturbing outfits.

This should keep you busy for the next bit. Enjoy.

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