BBC Christmas 2010 w/ Upstairs Downstairs preview

For those that reside east of the Atlantic, the BBC has given the world a hint of what you’ll be treated to on Christmas Day 2010 with a really top-notch trailer below. As we’ve talked about at great length, schedulers at The Beeb take their jobs extra serious on this day, recognizing the desires of the captive audience to watch good telly during that ‘post-mince pie’ period of the evening.

This year is no exception with the likes of Doctor Who “A Christmas Carol” from the mind of Steven Moffat, the premiere of the all-new Upstairs/Downstairs with Keeley Hawes and a really nice dramatic look back at the early years of the great British comedy duo of Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wise, Eric and Ernie.

For those on this side of the pond, embedded in the trailer will be our first glimpse of Upstairs/Downstairs that will have to do until the series premieres on PBS beginning in April 2011. At least we get the Doctor Who Christmas special on Christmas Day this year which Steven Moffat has so aptly described as “All your favorite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters.”

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