A possible last-minute Xmas gift for the ultimate Doctor Who fan?

In case you have suddenly realized that Christmas Day is a mere 17 days from today, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic. We are here for you if you need that last minute extra-special something for the ultimateĀ Doctor Who fan in your life.

How about a real-life sonic screwdriver? Seems as though a group of British engineers are closer than you’d think. Ok, so it’s really, at this point, a simple device that can move and manipulate objects using ultrasonic sound waves. That said, the technology exists, but I’m guessing it might have just a ways to go before it will control the TARDIS or heal wounds.

Next up, could it be the Star Trek transporter or the Harry Potter invisibility cloak? I’m going for the cloak, myself. You?

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