BBC for sale? Ok, not really.

Will they or won’t they. Sell the hallowed grounds of the BBC Television Centre, that is. With the Centre celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, it was 2007 whereby plans started to sell off the historic building thus, moving thousands of employees to either their studios in Salford or to Broadcasting House in central London.

Initially, the BBC wanted to allow independent TV production companies, performing arts groups and companies such as YouTube space in the building while leasing back space from the new owners to continue to tape some output in a newly remodeled Centre. It could also house the commercial arm of the BBC, BBC Worldwide.

Needless to say, this has not met with universal appeal as both staff and purists alike have voiced displeasure at some point. There’s even a You CANT sell the BBC Television Centre, WE WONT LET YOU facebook page set up to keep those concerned with the sale up on events as they unfold.

Having just been there to tape the host segments for the PBS special, Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen there’s a half century of history in that building, it would be a shame to abandon it for commercial development but it sounds like there are plans to preserve history and update the site, creating a sort of ‘cultural centre’ in Shepherds Bush. I’ll be following on facebook, how about you?

Any thoughts on the planned sale of BBC TVC?

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  • Lisa C

    They shouldn’t sell it!
    Renting it or leasing it out to arts groups while keeping some BBC activities there would be much better!!!