Is Episodes a comedy or a documentary?

A British couple comes to the U.S. to oversee their successful British comedy being remade by an “American network” — and ruined. Sounds more like a documentary than a comedy to me. Can you blame me? I can name all the British comedies that have had American re-makes on one hand, and have two fingers left over. Episodes, premieres on Showtime, beginning in January. This one actually has a chance. Besides Matt LeBlanc (Joey, Friends), the series stars Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, who co-starred in the great, but underrated, Green Wing. Grieg has also been seen in Black Books while Mangan has just recently completed the Douglas Adams pilot, Dirk Gently.

Can’t remember if this is urban myth or if I actually heard in the early stages of the creation of the series that the real-life husband and wife team of writer, Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Coupling, Sherlock) and producer, Sue Vertue (Vicar of Dibley, Mr. Bean, Coupling, Sherlock) were involved. Having had direct experience with the extremely failed attempt to create an American version of Coupling, it makes perfect sense that they would have first-hand knowledge of the entire pain-staking efforts that go in to completely cratering a successful British comedy series. Have to admit, the first trailer wasn’t much to write home about. But the more recent trailers show promise. Anyone else think this has a chance?

Believe it or not, the next re-make in the works — Being Human. I happen to love this show. There is absolutely no reason to create and American version of this. None.

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