Behind the scenes of a Christmassy Miranda

Miranda, starring Miranda Hart, one of the funniest and most refreshing British comedies to come along in years on the BBC, targets the Christmas holiday season in the newest installment that premiered last night on BBC Two. While I haven’t seen a full episode as of yet, the numerous clips I’ve seen from the first two seasons have been well worth the time. The combination of the semi-autobiographical nature and the periodic, straight to camera looks or comments that break the fourth wall are a throw-back to a time in situation comedies that don’t exist anymore.

Writing for the BBC Comedy Blog, Miranda sends her wishes for a Merry Christmas, shares some insights into the taping of the ‘Christmassy Miranda‘ special, and reveals not only her own personal thoughts about loving the Christmas holidays, but that she can ice skate…backwards, too.

If you’re in the UK and can’t get enough Miranda during the holidays, there’s always the Unwrapped with Miranda Hart special airing 28 December at 11:00pm on BBC Two. Looks like a great send-up of a make believe look back at the events of 2010. Those east of the Atlantic, let us less fortunate west of the Atlantic know what you think of Miranda. Is it as good as it seems?

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  • I watch it and I can confirm that it is the best new comedy of the last three or four years. Waiting for BBCA to smarten up and start showing it considering it just finished its second series.

    The Christmas show was such good fun!

  • David Emprimo

    I live in the US and have seen the first season, but I love it! Miranda might be the funniest woman on television in years. When you’re considering new shows for KERA, I would love it if MIRANDA was one of them…