Mr. Bean Christmas Turkey – a public service

With the Christmas holiday approaching like a bullet train, I thought it was more of a public service than just merely fun to show this clip as you prepare the Christmas turkey. As many times as I have watched this classic from Mr. Bean, starring the brilliant Rowan Atkinson, it just never gets old.

When interviewing Richard Curtis earlier this year for the upcoming Behind the Britcom special for PBS (March 2011 premiere), he talked about the writing of the classic British comedy and how the scripts for each 30-minute episode, in many cases, ended up to be as short as 4-5 pages in length. Obviously, not a lot of dialogue, but he did recall that in this particular sequence, the script merely said, Rowan does something funny with a turkey. Don’t know about you, but definitely no need to overwrite that scene, it works for me….every year.

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