Could Doctor Who really be Santa?

Sounds crazy, but how many people can stand here today and say they’ve seen both in the same room at the same time? My point, exactly. Think about it. Could ‘The Doctor’ actually be the new Santa? As pointed out in the Telegraph, both, in recent years, have arrived on Christmas Day with hope in their respective bags for the nice and individual ways to punish the naughty.

Doctor Who on Christmas Day is now as much a tradition that is looked forward to with anticipation by viewers as the man in the red suit. The tradition dates back to 1965 when William Hartnell, the First Doctor, wished viewers a Merry Christmas. Since then, David Tennant has battled a bevy of robotic Santa Clauses, android angels and, the Master, himself. This year, along with opera singer, Katherine Jenkins and the greatness of Sir Michael Gambon, head writer, Steven Moffat, brings everyone a very interesting take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Moffat promises that this year’s show will be “…all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters”. He also describes the episode as Doctor Who meets A Christmas Carol meets Jaws in this Doctor Who Confidential behind-the-scenes preview.

The Doctor even arrives via the chimney…just sayin’.

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