French & Saunders – Now on BBC Radio 2 for your listening pleasure

If you have a spare two hours between now and the end of 2010, why don’t you give a listen to the Boxing Day debut of the French & Saunders radio show. The first of three specials for BBC Radio 2, with the others to be broadcast on New Years Day and 3 January, featured classic random chat humor from the long-time British comedy duo about a myriad of subjects including what’s hot, what’s not, favorite music and celebrities (as only they can do) with special guests, Gok Wan (fashion consultant) and Miranda Hart, star of the hit British comedy of 2010, Miranda. Saunders also discusses, for the first time, her on-going fight against breast cancer, albeit in a very joking “French & Saunders way”.

If you missed it or just want to hear again, you can listen on the BBC iPlayer for the remainder of 2010 (click the Listen Now button on the site). You’ll have to get through about 5 minutes of current BBC News headlines, but, trust me, the French & Saunders show comes up after 5 minutes. This is great stuff and well worth the time. When we spoke with Dawn French for the upcoming Behind the Britcom special for PBS, we asked Dawn what makes her laugh today. Without any hesitation, she said Jennifer. It definitely comes across in the special that they really enjoy working together. Hopefully, this will lead to more projects between the long-time friends and professional partners….Enjoy.

Would love to know what you thought if you heard on Boxing Day or if you click the link above.

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