Scattershooting with the Doctor – with series 6 preview

Doctor Who – series 6 trailer

The TARDIS comes crashing head first into the Utah desert for what looks to be another ‘stellar season from the mind of Steven Moffat in 2011. What you may recall from earlier shooting this year in the U.S. will be seen in the first couple of episodes of the new series. Also, the split season promises more cliff-hangers, more ‘raise the bar’ brilliance than ever before.

Piers Wenger, Head of Drama for BBC Wales and Executive producer of Doctor Who, offered some series 6 tidbits in a recent interview with CraveOnline. Of note from this end, “…I think it’s going to be the most ambitious season opener that “Doctor Who” has seen for the last five or six years“.

If that’s not enough, Wenger told SciFi Magazine: “Steven’s not a big fan of using monsters from the classic series or monsters that we’ve seen before, so we’ve got quite a lot of new monsters this coming year. There’s going to be a monster that recurs, that we’ve heard referenced in the series already, but which we’ve never actually seen the physical manifestation of, and it’s called The Silence. It will be a recurrent theme and will have an ongoing significance.”

Finally, rumor is, the U.S. will transmit series 6 at the same time it premieres in the U.K. Great news.

New to Who? Anyone?

On the outside chance you are new to the concept of a traveling Time Lord with no first name, the one they simply call, ‘The Doctor, then here’s a quick A-Z primer that will catch you up on the 47 years.

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