Sherlock in North Texas on NYE '10

Ever wondered about what your biggest incentive might be to remain indoors on New Year’s Eve in North Texas? Well, wonder no longer.

SherlockNew Year’s Eve – KERA Channel 13, 9:30p-2:00a

If you heard about this Steven Moffat / Mark Gatiss gem broadcast earlier this year in both the UK and on Masterpiece on PBS this past Fall and you’ve never watched, if you’ve watched only one or two of the three programs or if you’ve seen all three, you need to see it again. This is stellar television. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfect together.

The Baker Street address is still the same, Moriarty is still the ‘one that cannot be named’, but that’s about the end of the similarities to the original Victorian-era sleuth of years past. Ok, Holmes still possesses perhaps the most brilliant mind on the planet and Watson is returning from war (Afghanistan, this time, as opposed to the Second Anglo-Afghan War in which the original Watson was returning from), but this time, Holmes has 21st century technology at his fingertips. Imagine Holmes with a smartphone.

We caught up with Benedict Cumberbatch recently, who told us about why the concept of Holmes in the 21st century makes perfect sense.

DVR Alert – KERA Channel 13 – Friday, December 31, 2010

9:30p – Sherlock: A Study in Pink

11:00p – Sherlock:The Blink Banker

12:30a – Sherlock: The Great Game

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