Primeval — back from extinction….

May be a bit of a stretch to equate Primeval with the 1982 classic horror film, Poltergeist, but to quote Carol Anne, “…they’re here“. I guess in the case of Primeval, the quote should actually be “…they’re back“.

The critically acclaimed series is back from extinction beginning tonight (1 January) in both the UK (ITV1) and in the U.S. (BBC America). While there are new faces amongst some familiar ones at the Anomaly Research Center (ARC), which is now a public/private partnership, thankfully, it’s the same Walking with Dinosaurs creators involved in the production. Back fighting the anomalies that are opening as I type this are Andrew-Lee Potts (Conner), Hannah Spearritt (Abby), Ben Miller (Lester) and Jason Flemyng (Danny). Ok, I know Cutter and Helen are gone and they are the only ones left that know about Claudia, but this is really, really great television that I can’t wait to see. Fine, I’m a sucker for dinosaurs and really good television. Put them together and I’m setting the DVR.

To quickly catch you up before tonight’s series 4 premiere, Abby and Conner have just escaped the Cretaceous period, only to be chased by a giant Spinosaurus. Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong. Cue the newest members of the ARC team and season 4, which picks up a year after we left Abby and Conner with their carnivorous friend. For a more visual catch up, here some several season 4 prequel videos to get you started. If you think you’re caught up, watch tonights preview below and then sit back tonight with the real thing….

Primeval Season 4 preview

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