'88 Doctor Who mash-up reaches #1 in the UK and London by song

Ever wondered how you create a #1 single in the UK?

It’s easy. In 1988, well-known British band, The KLF, decided they wanted a #1 hit on the UK charts. They set about creating a chart-topping single, Doctorin’ the TARDIS, under the name, The Timelords. Basically, it’s an early mash-up of the Doctor Who theme music and Garry Glitter’s Rock and Roll (part 2). No surprise here that it was immediately panned by critics but became a commercial success by topping the charts in the UK, selling over a million copies and making it to the Top-Ten in both Australia and Norway.


How do you follow-up a chart-topping single? You write down the step-by-step process, naturally. Originally written tongue-in-cheek, The Manuel (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way), they begin by saying you need to have no money as this will give you a much clearer perspective on life and force you to never make the wrong decision.. Next, less tongue in cheek and more of a social comment on the evil “new” sampler technology they used to create the song, you need to have no musical skills. There you go. Told you it was easy. What are waiting for?

Mapping London by song

When Scottish-born Gerry Rafferty passed away several weeks ago, his most-remembered 70’s classic hit, Baker Street, brought to mind a number of other songs that are forever linked with London landmarks. Fortunately, the BBC saved me hours and hours of searching on iTunes by putting together a map of London’s hit songs from the likes of iconic bands such as The Kinks, Elvis Costello and Squeeze.

How could they not have included The Clash with songs such as London Calling, White Man in The Palais and Guns of Brixton. Anyone else have a favorite to submit? And, please, don’t include Waterloo by ABBA. It’s about the battlefield site in Waterloo, Belgium and not the famous train station in London.

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