Monday Scattershooting – Downton Abbey 2, Doctor Who and more…..

More Monday tidbits to amaze your friends at parties in the coming months….

Downton Abbey, series 2

As we come to the end of the first series of the brilliant Downton Abbey in the U.S., as we know, word from the UK is that series two has not only commissioned with production beginning in late February, but transmission is targeted for Fall 2011 in the UK and early 2012 on PBS in the States. There’s a history of “sequels” not being near as good as the first season. However, the folks over at 7 have given us the “7 Reasons That Series II of Downton Abbey will be even Better than series I” Have to say, I’m with them on all seven. Reason 1 is enough for me.

Doctor Who rumors abound as series six appears on the horizon

With production filming close to completion for second Doctor Who series of the Matt Smith era, storyline rumors are flying around faster than the TARDIS. As reports, rumors are already circulating about the Traveling Time Lord and his possible encounter with both the Sontarans and the Cybermen during the new season. I won’t even mention the rumor of Amy Pond, the Doctor’s companion, will become pregnant (this time, not in a dream) during the year. Oops, sorry, I just did.

Lenny Henry’s Cradle to Rave tour begins – sans ABBA

Le Chateau Anglais has closed its’ doors and, sadly, Chef Gareth Blackstock has left the building. Fear not, however. Lenny Henry recently returned to his 30-plus year old roots and began a 67-date Cradle to Rave tour which tells his life story through songs that have inspired him over the years. Proudly, Henry states, “…there are no songs by ABBA”. What won’t get in the way, one way or another, will be Henry’s quest to complete a PhD in screenwriting at London’s Royal Holloway.

More Hustle on the way

Filming was completed this summer for a seventh season of Kudos’ brilliant series, Hustle. Master con, Mickey “Bricks” Stone returns as does Robert Vaughn (Albert Stroller) and Robert Glenister (Ash Morgan).

Being Human 3 premieres on BBC Three

Just had to add this as the Twitter world was all, uh, a-twitter (sorry) yesterday with the premiere of the new season of Being Human on BBC Three. Of particular note to fans of PBS’ late 90’s drama, Touching Evil, you’ll recognize Robson Green as the werewolf, McNair. While we won’t be getting it here in the U.S. until probably Summer 2011, here’s the best I could do until then.

This will give you more than enough to win this weeks trivia contest at your local pub….well, the television category any way. More scattershooting next Monday. If you find something interesting, send it along and appropriate props will follow.

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