Great British comedy entrances

No one knows better than the BBC when it comes to comedy so it comes as no surprise to see their assessment of what makes a good comedy entrance. As they spell out, “…comedy shows are where entrances really come into their own: a good comedy entrance can signal character information to viewers and set the tone immediately, without the need for dialogue. And not always by falling over.”

With an archive that does no more than lay claim to being the best comedy on the air today, the BBC Comedy blog takes us through some of the great comedy entrances of all-time, decade by decade, beginning with the 70’s and Are You Being Served?. From AYBS to The Mighty Boosh, some great comedy entrances from the BBC. To get you started, one of the great entrances from the greatness that is Blackadder….have to say, the comedy exit in this clip isn’t half bad either.

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