Doctor Who – the ultimate trailer for both long time and first time fans

Get ready for ‘The Doctor’ – series 6

Whether you’re new to Doctor Who and have finally decided that a show that’s been around for almost 50 years (give or take a few since there was a bit of a hiatus in the 90’s) is going to make it, or a longtime fan on the edge of your seat waiting for the arrival of the newest brilliance from the mind of Steven Moffat, this is a great video primer to both catch up AND get ready for the next adventure. Put together perfectly by vortexguyz934, this is well worth the next 2:53 of your day.

For those that need just a little extra push to set your DVR for series 6, Steven Moffat gives a few clues as to what lies ahead for the Traveling Time Lord which is targeted for Spring 2011 in both the UK and the US.

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  • Cora

    OK – loved both clips. Thanks for posting them. Problem with the “mash-up” – only used the more recent series monsters, doctors and companions. I still love the original series – no matter how bad the “special” effects are looking now. It would have been fun to see how “original” characters could have been incorporated.
    Series 6 of the reboot can’t come soon enough, especially with the Doctor here in the States! Thanks for the teasers Mr. Moffat.