Super Bowl tailgating do's and don'ts – a British perspective

As the world prepares for today’s ‘big game’ (evidently, we’re not allowed to call it by its real name due to potential copyright infringement), there are those that take the art of tailgating as serious as they take the game. With all the festivities going on this week leading up to the game, having heard that parking close to Cowboys Stadium will cost a mere $995 (pre-paid, of course), I’m thinking tailgating or eating before the game will probably take on a little extra meaning as you, quite possibly, just spent your meal money not only for the game, but for the first quarter of 2011 just for the privilege of parking your car.

If you plan to eat before the game, abandoning the tailgating tradition, here are a few thoughts, from a British perspective, that will help get you to the game or watching party on time.

DO: Rowan Atkinson – the ‘art’ of sandwich making and sharing

DON’T: Ask the Chef for salt

DON’T: Mr. Bean – practice moderation at the hotel buffet

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