You're a mean one, Dr. House

With a quick apology to the Grinch, you are probably asking, at this point, why are we talking Super Bowl and commercials on tellyspotting? Easy. Two words. Hugh Laurie. Doing a better Mean Joe Greene than Mean Joe, himself, this is the one time in recent memory that the re-make of anything between :30 seconds and 2 hours might actually be better than the original. Call me a Brit homer, but I think this was one of the best commercials from the Super Bowl this year. I know, everyone was over the top with the kid in the Darth Vadar outfit, but I thought that that one was pretty boring.

For those that don’t remember the original….

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  • Yeah, that was the only spot I laughed out loud over all evening.

  • Cora

    Yeah, I know the Coke add is singing about smiling – but both of these clips had me smiling again tonight. Thanks for the memories!