Monday Scattershooting on a Friday: Arthur, Penelope Keith, Red Dwarf and more…

While I feel a bit like today’s post is the Thursday night edition of Monday Night Football, there is a method behind our need to get the traditional “Monday Scattershooting” post a bit early this week bowing to the fact that Monday is Valentine’s Day and deserves its own special mention all to itself. So, here it is, the Friday edition of Monday Scattershooting for your reading pleasure….

First peek at Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren in Arthur

It’s been 20 years since the greatness of Dudley Moore and John Gielgud graced the big screen in the classic original, Arthur. To this day, I still remember two of the best movie lines in screen comedy history when Hobson says to Liza Minnelli…

  1. Usually one must go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of your stature
  2. You, obviously, have  a wonderful economy with words. I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness

A ‘why are they doing this‘ comment is not fair at this point as the first trailer of the Arthur re-make is just being released for the upcoming April 2011 premiere  starring Russell Brand, Dame Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner. Still need to see a bit more, but this could have potential. It will never compare to the original as there will never be another Dudley Moore, but you be the judge at this point.

Tea with Penelope Keith in the Scottish Highlands

After a six-year planning battle, Penelope Keith (Good Life, To the Manor Born) and husband, Rodney Timson’s, plan for a tea room and shop in Avoch, in the Black Isle, have been approved by the Scottish Highlands Council. Originally, plans were denied back in 2005 as several locals felt that the tea room would be ‘out of character’ with the local conservation area. Glad this all got worked out as you have to wonder how can you deny Audrey fforbes-Hamilton the right to build a two-story cafe on the site of a former filling station.

The 5 best Red Dwarf moments featuring each member of the RD crew

Entirely subjective, but it’s a starting point to get everyone to remember their favorite moments as we move closer to the targeted 2012 return of the boys from Red Dwarf. Having no idea where to begin when trying to select from the 70+ episodes in the catalogue, see how many of these top 5 moments match up to your favorites from over the years and let us know your favorite. Me? I have to go with this one to start things off…how can you go wrong with Lister saying “…it’ll drive the conspiracy nuts crazy“.

Test your Spaced knowledge quotient

With the minds of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost headed to the big screen this month with their Area 51 alien adventure flick, Paul, we thought it would be a good time to test your Spaced knowledge. If you haven’t seen this brilliant British comedy, schedule a marathon viewing, then take the quiz.

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