2011 BAFTA's – British film's biggest night of the year

BAFTA‘sGrammy’s. Grammy’sBAFTA’s. Hmmmm. Sorry, not even close. Royal Albert Hall wins.

The British even do awards programs better than anyone. In what is, traditionally, Britain’s biggest night of the year to celebrate film, rarely, do they ever disappoint. This year was no exception. I have to admit, I was apprehensive going into the evening with the thought that The Social Network could walk away with Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Director. When David Fincher picked up the Best Director award for The Social Network, I just had this feeling that I wasn’t going to like the ending to this film called the BAFTA’s.

Things quickly began to look up towards the end of the evening with Colin Firth, deservingly, picking up the Best Actor award for his brilliant performance in The King’s Speech. This was followed by the film taking home the Best Picture award in the final category of the evening. Unlike last year, let’s hope the Academy was watching this time. You might remember a Colin Firth victory last year at the BAFTA’s for another amazing performance in A Single Man while Jeff Bridges took home the Oscar for his performance in Crazy Heart.

The King’s Speech dominated the 2011 BAFTA’s with Helena Bonham Carter taking home Best Supporting Actress and Geoffrey Rush, with an incredible performance, winning the Best Supporting Actor award. A full list of 2011 Film Awards nominees and winners can be found here. For a quick look at some of the top category award winners for those that may have bailed early or, for some reason, opted for the Grammy’s….

Best Actress – Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Best Foreign Film – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Animated Feature Film – Toy Story 3

Best Adapted Screenplay – The Social Network

Best Editing – The Social Network

Best Original Screenplay – The King’s Speech

Best Score – The King’s Speech

Outstanding British Film – The King’s Speech

Best Cinematography – Roger Deakins, True Grit

All in all, a great night topped off by director Tim Burton presenting the Academy’s most prestigious award, the Fellowship Award, to Sir Christopher Lee. Your turn Academy voters. Don’t let us down.

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