Scattershooting – Doctor Who, Frankenstein and more….

Ok, in another tellyspotting tribute to the Thursday night edition of Monday Night Football, we bring you the Tuesday edition of our Monday scattershooting. Personally, I’m blaming the President’s Day holiday for our being a day late in catching you up on the latest and greatest from the UK. Lots going on not only this week, but in the coming weeks on both sides of the pond.

Doctor Who Experience 2011
– The wait is finally over as the ultimate interactive adventure of the 21st century has opened at London’s Olympia. Running through 29 May 2011, the DW Experience 2011 lets you control the TARDIS, dodge weeping angels and fight the evil Daleks along with a tour through what has to be one of the largest collections of original props, costumes and sets from the early 60’s to the present-day Matt Smith era. Click here for a quick preview that should satisfy your inner-geek until you can get to the exhibit.

Frankenstein at the National Theatre

– How do you follow-up a critically-acclaimed performance of Sherlock that was also an audience mega-hit in both the UK and in the States? If you’re Benedict Cumberbatch, you head to the West End and portray both Dr. Frankenstein AND the monster, of course. Danny Boyle directs this sure to be amazing Nick Dear stage adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic novel, Frankenstein, opens tonight, 22 February, through 17 April at the National Theatre London. Find yourself saying you’ve seen Frankenstein, or even Young Frankenstein, already? You haven’t seen anything like this as Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) alternate the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature throughout the performance run. If you find yourself not able to get to the National Theatre, not to worry. The 17 March and 24 March performances will be shown in cinemas worldwide as part of National Theatre Live. For a list of participating cinemas and dates worldwide, click here.

“and furthermore” by Judi Dench

– What promises to be a great read about a once-in-a-lifetime individual, “and furthermore”, the autobiography of Oscar-winning actress, Dame Judi Dench, has been released worldwide. Full of memories from 50+ years of acting, the book gives you insight into one of the most consummate actresses our time. Priceless memories such as the time she was appearing in “Romeo and Juliet” early in her career, she spoke the line “Where is my father, and my mother, nurse?” with such emotion that her real father was moved to call out, “Here we are, darling, in row H.”  Known for a certain levity during rehearsals over the years, the actress explains how it’s all serious when she approaches a role by revealing, “…the real difficulty is working out why the character says the line, and what is going on between the lines, which is often more important than the line itself,” she writes. “I think what you leave out is more important than what you put in.”

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