On the set with Downton Abbey II

For those still suffering from post-Downton Abbey separation anxiety, you can rest easier tonight knowing that production filming has begun on the second set of the ITV mega-hit series, which is, again, scripted by series creator, Julian Fellowes. Don’t just take my word for it. This comes from the Earl of Grantham, himself, portrayed brilliantly by Hugh Bonneville, who compared his recent receiving of the script for Downton Abbey II to being “…just like unwrapping a Christmas present.”

Unfortunately, this ringing endorsement will, most likely, merely amplify your desire for the series II premiere to get here as fast as it can. As most are aware, Downton Abbey II is tentatively set for a Fall 2011 transmission in the UK with an early 2012 broadcast on PBS’ Masterpiece series.

Set against the backdrop of World War I, Downton Abbey II will welcome back all the major players from season one in addition to adding an entire batch of new characters to get hooked on. In an admittedly feeble attempt to ease your angst, here are a few photos from the first few days of shooting on the set of the second series along with a look at what’s in store both above and below the stairs at Downton Abbey. Enjoy.

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