Dateline: London, Twenty Twelve from BBC Four

Having just lived through a city that was home to Super Bowl XLV, it became painstakingly clear all the efforts that went in to not only securing the winning bid some four years ago but, then, the subsequent preparation leading up to, oh yeah, the actual game.

One can only imagine what goes in to pulling off something that is the magnitude of the Olympics. Enter ‘the Deliverance Team’ of the new comedy series, Twenty Twelve. Written by John Morton (you’ll know the work, but maybe not the name, as the writer/director of the great People Like Us), the 6-part mockumentary premieres Monday, 14 March, on BBC Four. From what I’ve seen, it’s worth checking out. Did I mention the narrator was David Tennant? Now is it worth checking out?

The Twenty Twelve team of Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Jessica Hynes (Spaced), Amelia Bullmore (Alan Partridge, Suburban Shootout), Olivia Colman (Green Wing, Rev) and Karl Theobald (Green Wing, Primeval) have been given 9 billion pounds and charged with putting on the greatest show on Earth. Plenty of time…you have 1000 days. No problem, right? Not exactly.

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