Waking the Dead calls it a day

After ten brilliant seasons, the British forensic crime drama is taking it’s toys and going home. Waking the Dead producer, Colin Wratten writes in this edition of the BBC TV blog about the last days of the series (there might be a few spoilers here for those that don’t want to get a hint as to how things end) and, essentially, his thoughts on knowing about the end going in to production on the last season and what that means to those involved from the writer, actors, producer/director and right on down throughout the entire production staff, which numbers in excess of 60 individuals.

Without giving anything away, Wratten writes, “….this last series of Waking The Dead certainly provides us with the opportunity to do something special, and hopefully surprising.

This certainly seems the case when talking over the years to writers, producer/directors and actors, alike, that have thoughts with respect to being involved in a series that is ending or one that never gets a chance to end due to a myriad of reasons. Just recently, in the PBS special Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen, we heard from Dawn French, James Fleet, Trevor Peacock and Roger Lloyd Pack as to what it meant to be able to draw the Vicar of Dibley to a known close. We were touched a great deal as to how angry writer Bob Larbey was to not have a chance to bring his series, Mulberry, to a conclusion. Fortunately, he shared with us just how he would have ended it had he been given a chance.

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