Monday scattershooting….Doctor Who 6, Bring Back Whites, Being Human and more….

With British Pie Week but a distant memory, we’re finally able to troll around the Internets for some little known facts with respect to your favorite British television series, actors and general goings on. As always, if you happen to see an interesting tidbit in your Internet travels, send it along so we can share with the tellyspotting nation.

Doctor Who sets series 6 premiere date in the U.S.

In a good way, the world of television is beginning to mirror the rest of the world by becoming an increasingly smaller place to reside. Nowhere is this more evident than the recent shrinking of the lag time between a UK transmission premiere and the subsequent US broadcast premiere. First evidence came this past Christmas with the same day premiere in the UK and the US of the annual Doctor Who Christmas Day episode. Now comes the news from the UK that the new season of Doctor Who will have its US premiere on Saturday, 23 April, the same day it will premiere in the UK on BBC. The eagerly awaited new season will kick off with ‘the Doctor’ descending on American soil and 1960’s Utah in a special two-part episode marking the first time the series has been filmed in the U.S.

Let the ‘Bring Back Whites’ campaign begin

You know the drill. It’s probably happened to you more times than you’d care to remember. Your favorite critically-acclaimed television series gets cancelled just as you’re getting ready to settle in for another season. There are times, however, that overwhelming viewer comments and feedback can change things. Can you say….Family Guy? Enter Alan Davies with his series, Whites, where Davies played a celebrity chef that had lost his competitive desire. It was surprisingly cancelled by the BBC before filming on the second season began and the current Bring Back Whites Please campaign. A recent Alan Davies tweet summed up the actors feelings towards the series in well under 140 characters. “Just heard Whites was cancelled by the BBC last week. Gutted. Worst news I’ve had in my whole career. For a quick reminder of just how good this British comedy series is and to see why it deserves another chance….

What’s next for the minds behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz

Not sure if word surfaced during their current stay in Austin, TX and the SXSW premiere of their recent film, Paul, but rumor has it that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have begun to collaborate on an upcoming alien / end of the world film that will complete their ‘Blood and Cornetto’ series. With a tentative title of The World’s End and a 2012 premiere to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the end of the world as we know it, this makes perfect sense. Right now, it’s only in the proverbial “talk” phase. Nothing concrete, but will immediately give us hope for something to look forward to in 2012.

Being Human stunning series 3 finale….

While the finale has not aired in the US as of yet (word is, series 3 finale will air on April 9), last nights broadcast in the UK certainly set the fan base loose on the world of Twitter with tweets of OMG…I’m crying…I’m stunned and, the oft-repeated, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. One can only imagine what happened. Actually, with the storyline being a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost get a flat in Bristol, there no way you can imagine what happened. If you saw the series finale, any carefully worded hints as to what we’re in store for over the next several weeks?

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  • Cora

    Doctor Who on both sides of the pond on the same day. Exciting! Will the Doctor come back to KERA? I love the DW Confidentials.

  • Claudia Funder

    Usually the UK are very good at longevity and giving things a decent run. Please, please do not succumb to “chop before it get’s off the ground” approach that they do here in Aus. Consequently here our series rarely get a good run or time to bed in and develop, let alone become great.

    Yes, I can think of a few series that went for ages, but none that were started in the last 10 years and are still going. The patience of the 80s (who wouldda thought that then…) has gone. With such talent as seems to be in Whites, along with the UK ratings stats, it deserves more of a go.

    • @Claudia: Exactly. Seems like BBC is developing a quick trigger finger when it comes to cancelling a series after one season. Makes no sense that Whites has been given the boot given your reasoning. Audience numbers better than series that were given another season. Wonder if they are going for lowest common denominator and cheap as opposed to quality and cost. Hang in there!