Graham Norton anyone? Maybe WILTY? 10 O'Clock Live maybe?

Ever planned a trip to New York or Los Angeles, business or vacation, and part of the planning centered around trying to be in the studio audience for your favorite game show or talk show such as Dave or Conan? Full disclosure before we go any further. I’m guilty having been in the studio audience for both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Absolutely Fabulous several years ago. There’s nothing to be ashamed about…unless you find yourself inexplicably screaming higher or lower at the top of your lungs on The Price is Right or dressed up like your favorite vegetable on Let’s Make a Deal. That’s just wrong.

If you’re a British comedy fan or never miss an episode of shows like QI, Top Gear or The Graham Norton Show and you find yourself in or around London for the same business or vacation reasons, think about hitting the BBC up for tickets and be a part of something really cool. Thanks to our friends over at the British Comedy Guide, here’s a great start putting most of the shows together in one place that you can secure tickets to along with a listing at the bottom of other sites to secure tickets.

Like their American counterparts, these shows become fully booked fast, so what are you waiting for? Me? I’m holding out for Graham Norton, QI and/or Top Gear.

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