Have a spare 57+ hours? Upstairs Downstairs DVD giveaway

Considered by many as the most successful and influential British drama series ever to have graced the small screen, one thing was always clear over the five seasons of the original Upstairs Downstairs, the inhabitants above and below the stairs at 165 Eaton Place are quite the resilient bunch. They’ve survived social change, political upheaval, scandals and, let’s not forget, World War I.

Hit the “contact” button above or e-mail tellyspotting@kera.org for your chance to win. Drawing to take place on Friday, April 1 (no joke)

What better way to get ready for the April 10 return to 165 Eaton Place on PBS’ Masterpiece series than to return to London’s fashionable Belgravia neighborhood with a complete DVD set of the 40th Anniversary edition of this British classic. 21 discs, 68 eps, the Making of Upstairs Downstairs, Upstairs Downstairs Remembered and 25 hours of bonus material.

After what the Bellamy’s and their loyal servants went through for us over the years, don’t you think it’s only fair that one of you agrees to commit to a mere 57 hours of screening over the course of the next couple of weeks in return?

Set for a March 29 release in the U.S., be the first on your block to have a chance at filling that spare 57 hours.  Remember, can’t win if you don’t enter. Remember, the contact button above or email tellyspotting@kera.org to enter the drawing.

As it is currently scheduled, the new 3-part series of Upstairs Downstairs will air on three consecutive Sundays on PBS beginning April 10 (8:00pm on KERA). For both UK and US viewers, the BBC has commissioned a second season that will premiere on the BBC in late 2011 with a PBS broadcast in early 2012. Coupled with a second season of Downton Abbey and a second season of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Masterpiece is already set for another stellar season in the coming year and we haven’t even gotten to Masterpiece Mystery! yet and new episodes of Poirot, Miss Marple and Zen.

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  • I was totally unaware that this wasn’t even out yet. My birthday presents just got even cooler, which I would have thought impossible. Congrats to the future winner- they’ll love it!

  • Leo Sampanis

    Our whole family enjoys this wonderful program