PBS style Final Four with Masterpiece Madness

Step aside Virginia Commonwealth. Forget about Butler, Kentucky and Connecticut. Bringing together PBS Masterpiece‘ 40th anniversary season with the 10 April premiere of Upstairs Downstairs, this years true Final Four bracket, PBS-style, pit powerhouses from the East Region (Sleuths, Cops and Justice Seekers), the Midwest Region (Women of Inferior Birth, Lesser Means and the Working Class), the West (the Peerage, Aristocracy & Well-to-Do) and the South (Men who Toul). As we get close to the Final Four, it’s time to catch everyone up with today’s results ,voted on my you, to see who will eventually be crowned the winner of Masterpiece Madness for 2011….

PBS MASTERPIECE MADNESS: Day Eight Results “Crime Solvers Conflict”: Results: Jane Tennison (Prime Suspect) beat Inspector Morse (Inspector Morse) 187-174. Tennison next competes against the winner of yesterdays match between Hercule Poirot (Hercule Poirot) and Thomas Lynley (The Inspector Lynley Mysteries). “Masters of the House Melee”: Results: Bertie Wooster (Jeeves & Wooster) soundly defeats Richard Bellamy (Upstairs, Downstairs) 250-66. Wooster next faces the winner of the March 30th match between Queen Victoria (Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown) and Emperor Claudius (I, Claudius).

Check out the PBS Facebook page to vote on two brand new MASTERPIECE MADNESS matches listed below. To vote, “like” the corresponding PBS comment. Did you notice Wallander was this years’ Ohio State? Could have sworn he would have made it out of the first round.

MADNESS: Suave Sleuth Scuffle: Thomas Lynley (Inspector Lynley Mysteries) v. Hercule Poirot (Poirot). Both leads have comical banter w/ colleagues, like Lynley’s “Size isn’t everything, Havers, isn’t that what you women keep telling us?” & Poirot’s “I am, as you say, bored to the tears.” Who wins the match of wits?

MADNESS: Second Born Squabble: Anne Elliot (Persuasion) v. Matty Jenkyns (Cranford). Remember, to vote, “like” the corresponding PBS comment.

If you’ve made it this far, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the 40th Anniversary Upstairs Downstairs. Just email us at tellyspotting.kera.org by 1 April. Much easier than picking the Final Four.

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