The Blackadder Five – Could it Be?… or, Let it Be?

10 reasons why a Blackadder return makes sense

Already one of the most classic British comedies of all-time, a Blackadder V return would be an instant audience hit after finishing second in the Britain’s Best Sitcom balloting several years ago.

Principle actors have, for some time, expressed interest in being a part of a Blackadder V project including Richard Curtis, Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson.

Richard Curtis, already has a concept in mind making it known in general terms that “…I think it’s well known that the fifth would have to be The Blackadder Five with Tony as Bald Rick and Rowan as the ruthless lead singer/manager.”

It is implied in each series that the Blackadder character is a distant descendant of the previous one.This makes perfect sense when you think of Captain Blackadder’s love of music leading to a 1960’s Blackadder fronting The Blackadder Five.

Lieutenant George (a.k.a. Hugh Laurie) makes perfect sense as a member of the band. With Laurie’s long-time affection for blues music, you already have a built-in original soundtrack and a great guitar player.

Find Stephen Fry and get him involved. Another former Blackadder alumnus that loves music. Would be good for the band.

Only Fools and Horses, the only sitcom to finish ahead of Blackadder in the Britain’s Best Sitcom poll has periodically come back to out of this world audience ratings so there is a precedent.

Original creator/writer, Richard Curtis, possesses a well-known love of music with roots in 60’s London so what better way to pay tribute than to pay homage to the greatest era in music than with a new Blackadder series.

Last, but not least, another precedent has been set over the years with The Rutles from the genius minds of Eric Idle and Neil Innes. Even if this isn’t on the horizon, the BBC needs to make it happen sooner rather than never.

Some say, all signs point to a Blackadder Five series in 2012. What say you?

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