Spooks (MI-5) 10 confirmed, I think

Ok, I’m a bit late to the dance, but doesn’t mean the band’s not coming back for another set. Just doing a bit of digging today on the eve of series 9 of MI5 (Spooks), which begins broadcasting on a number of public television stations across the U.S. this week. I had not “officially” heard of the commissioning of a series 10 but, somehow, I missed this when tweeted first by @TheTellyRocket and then RT by @ianwylie back in October 2010. Hey, two tweets on Twitter so it must be true, right? I’m running with it until someone says otherwise.

If everything holds true to past production and subsequent transmission timelines, filming will take place over the summer with transmission in the UK late 2011 and Spring 2012 in the U.S. Unfortunately, nothing official from BBC world headquarters, but there has been a series 10 confirmation sighting over at the Spooks Fan blog. If true, Christmas has come early this year giving viewers another season of the best television program on television, bar none.

For those in the states, MI5 series 9, will begin on a number of U.S. public television stations beginning this month. FYI, KERA/Dallas will air Thursdays at 9:00pm beginning Thursday, April 14. You haven’t seen anything yet. Enjoy.

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  • They’re filming series 10 right now! See Ian Waylie’s blog for the latest press release from the Spooks team. They’re shooting six eps for season 10, rather than the usual 8. Lots of cast changes too.

    • Excellent. Thanks for the update. Will check out Ian’s blog asap.

  • MI-5 is THE BEST show on TV, no question!!! It is SO intense, but why do so many characters have to die?

  • Zona Bob

    I’m gaining speed – now at S4:E6 via Netflix. Enjoying tremendously, with one exception: during S4 viewing I’ve noticed the US Follywood tactic of an almost overwhelming shadow of background music(?) making screen dialog often incomprehensible to the ear. I’m very disturbed to see the spread of this US-produced virus as it smacks heavily of the ‘sensationalism’ I had wished to avoid with Follywood-produced series. E-mails from others on the subject? or am I just a lone wolf with sensitive ears?


    • @Bob…..before I give you the lone-wolf title, need to go back and look at the ep you are referring to. Have to admit, it’s been several years since I’ve seen set 4 so need a refresher. Let me watch and see what I come up with. In the meantime…others?

  • Zona Bob

    Whenever I connect to your Tellyspotting webpage I get a black bar at the top of my page which reads, ‘Public Media for North Texas’ – why am I getting that?

  • Betsy

    So, I can assume then that the episode where Lucas jumps off the top of a building is the last in this recent series. I am hopelessly addicted to MI5 (Spooks) and am always thrilled to see that our local Public Television station has rallied the funds to purchas another season. Looking forward to the next series – ~sigh~ – a long wait, but worth it!

    • @Betsy: You are correct. The episode on the top of the building with the “meeting” between Lucas and Harry is the last episode of season 9. Season 10 has been filmed and will air late Fall in the UK with, most likely, an April 2012 premiere on public television stations that run the series. Depending on where you are located, I can find out plans from your local station. If you are in the North Texas area, KERA will air as soon as it becomes available.

  • Zona Bob

    I’m still making progress. Up to S6:E7. Wow – just no comparison to 24 in any sense of the immagination. I find myself holding my breath at the end of every episode. In retirement I get to watch 4-5 episodes a day. I hope to be up to speed in a couple of weeks. Thanks, so much, for doing this!
    ~Bob, Tucson

  • Zona Bob

    Bill, ps/
    I’ve noticed over several of the last episodes that the b/g electronic ‘music’ has dissapated considerably – now it’s only loud between shots where no dialog ensues. You may cease your back-episodes search. Thanks for following through!

  • Betsy K. Larsen

    I missed the episode where Ros was killed. What happened to her? And, thanks for the posts letting me know when episode 10 will be on!! I saw the last one where Lucas jumped off the building, but wondered if I had missed something…..no new shows! So again, THANKS A LOT!!! LOTS!!

    • @Betsy: Unfortunately, Ros was killed in the last episode of season 8 where where she was caught inside the hotel building trying to get the Home Secretary out before a bomb went off that exploded. Lucas tried to save her, but never made it inside before it went off. The episode you reference with Lucas jumping was the end of series 9. Looks like it’s a definite now that S10 will begin in the April/May 2012 on public television stations nationwide. Depending on broadcast time availability, we may re-run all 9 seasons starting in September prior to the S10 premiere. Still trying to work that out. Thanks for the kind words!

  • SK Arthur

    All episodes of seasons 1-9 are available on Netflix…have just finished watching the final episode of season 9…looking forward to season 10!

  • Susan Wilson

    How long after Series 10 ends on public television stations will it be available on DVD or Netlix?

    I’ve enjoyed the first 9 Seasons and am anxious to see the next one.

    • @Susan: Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer re: Netflix, but I would guess the earliest the DVD would be available would be early 2012 in the UK and not until probably summer 2012 or even Fall 2012 in the U.S. With transmission in the UK being September and not until April 2012 in the U.S., I’m guessing that it will be several months past broadcast date before DVD sets are available.

  • deborah cunningham

    Over here in NY, I managed to see a few episodes of MI-5 (your’Spooks’)and immediately started from the beginning. Viewed all 9 seasons and, as most of your telly and movies, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen (mmm maybe ‘The West Wing’ still by a hair my fave). To see a show where each episode is a nailbiter, doesn’t resolve in a pat manner, shocks you and is intricately written, beautifully acted, while putting you on the edge of your seat…wow.
    If anyone cares about US, please, please push for more-and with HARRY! Can’t imagine it without him. And we’ve lost quite a few terrific agents!
    Best wishes from here.

  • betsy shipley

    Here in the area of a public tv station that is no longer part of the Corp. for Public Broadcasting, I have been watching MI 5 each Sat. Last night was episode ? with Ruth being put out to pasture. My question is, does anyone know which series this is like no. 3, 4, etc. Originally I started watching MI 5 when A & E was broadcasting it, then KCET began with the original series so I’m not sure where I am right now. Also, have no idea whether KCET has plans to air the whole series or when. Thanks for any info.

    • @Betsy: Ruth left the Grid in the middle of Series 5. Check with KCET to determine whether or not the will continue through the current 9 seasons with series 10 available in April 2012. Based on your description, you’re somewhere in the middle of season 5 at the moment.

  • Leon

    Spring 2011: My friend Andre’ tells me I need to watch this program that ‘surpasses the writing of 24 and main characters die like in real life!’ I watch one episode on Detroit Public WTVS and immediately start from the beginning via Netflix Streaming as part of my summer viewing project. 3 months later I’m totally caught up to Lucas North; and on the edge of my seat wondering when I can see (Final?) Series 10. Current intel says Spring 2012?!?!?….oh nooooooooo! I’ve become accustomed to the On-Demand lifestyle of these unfolding tales. What ever will I do? Is there anyone within BBC viewing area willing to record and share? 😉 I’ll pay for shipping. Oh well, perhaps the wait will make it sweeter.

    • @Leon: Unfortunately, your ‘intel’ is correct. S10, the final series, will not premiere on public television until April 2012. FYI, from what I understand, the UK version of the DVD will be released on November 28 so you can purchase off of Amazon UK. Glad you’re enjoying.

  • mari

    I am so Glad we can buy in November # 10 .I keep waching over and over again all series.I love it ! Completly connected.Every night is my therapy before sleep .I cannot wait for the next ! They need to move faster on those ..Harry cannot leave …he is the best !

  • I live in the U.S. and I LOVE MI-5! I am sorry to hear that series 10 will be the last. This is one of the best t.v. series I have ever seen. I own seasons 1 – 9 on dvd and I plan to buy #10 when it is available in the U.S. I hope Harry lives through the last episode! I plan on getting some people hooked on this show!

  • Kevin

    Glad to hear that I am not the only one in the U.S. that finds Spooks to be such a well done show. Can’t wait till series 10 it available for viewing. Unfortunately, you will be able to find the outcome of each show (should you desire) on line. I honestly believe that if this show was produced in the U.S., it would not have the substance it has now. It would be more about the hollywood special effects, than content. Well done. I will surely recommend this series. Netfilx has made it possible for me to become and addict of the show. Four more show till the end of series 10.

    • @Kevin: Glad to have you on our side with others that realize Spooks is the best show on TV. Can’t bring myself to watch S10 yet knowing it’s the last season. Depending on where you are, public television stations will have rights to the final season beginning in April 2012. What station do you watch and I’ll find out their plans. Thanks for stopping by Tellyspotting.

  • Kasey

    Enjoyed this series from beginning to end. The Brits do it best. Hard to imagine what American network types would do with series, but it probably wouldn’t be pretty. Actors are just incredible and script work always entertaining and captivating. Thanks to all for work well done, another reason to look forward to Spring 2012….Watch on
    KVIE PBS Sacramento CA USA

  • b.mclane

    Beyond all the suspense and political intrigue; the heart and soul of Spooks was the gnawing angst of its chief operators. The personal battle waged between what the job required(love for country, best at what they do and all that) and the appeal “normalcy” held for each spy. The longing for some sort of private life in an attempt to hold onto whatever makes a human. Each top spy knows their run comes with an expiration date. To leave and go into the world with “nothing” besides knowing all is not what it seems is their dark passenger. That’s why “Tom Quinn’s” departure, “Zoe’s” escape and the heartbreak cruelty of “Adam Carter” are so memorable. Beyond their job we knew of their hopes and plans. That connective tissue of angst and longing from lead spy to lead spy stopped when
    Richard Armitage came onboard. “Lucas North” is a damaged robot and emotionally unavailable. The episodes that followed played to that lack of human heart; written without human desires and concentrating more on angles and quick thinking. Add in zero sex appeal of North’s character and the show lost its special center. Replaced by Lucus North’s dark past which is always front and center. Occasionally, some reference to the endless pinning of Harry for Ruth would emerged but that only made me realize how far afield the writng had now become. Hands down still the best written show for TV, Spooks’ center grew cold. They tried to reverse speed in Season 9 but the damage had been done. Very sad too. My all time favorite show, the plot writing still remains top notch but I lost my lust for the constant cold eyed spy thing. I missed the personal plot lines that ran parallel to computer hacking and espionage. People who are just like us doing things we could never dream of and paying dearly for it. Best the show goes out with dignity and does not become a ghost of its former self. We always have reruns.

  • martha

    the most interesting and well acted show on television, if the actors get tired, get someone to take over (except for Harry). i was so sad that our character Ruth died. can anyone guess what tom quinn was going to do???

  • martha

    the most interesting and well acted show on television, if the actors get tired, get someone to take over (except for Harry). i was so sad that our character Ruth died. can anyone guess what tom quinn was going to do???