Steven Moffat: Creating comedy, start to finish

Counting down the days until Doctor Who-mania kicks in with the combined U.S./UK premiere of series 6 on 23 April, I’m reminded of the comedy genius side of the Steven Moffat brain in the pre-Doctor Who, pre-Sherlock days of Coupling. Going back over some of our original interviews for PBS’ Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen, it was interesting to hear Steven Moffat’s thoughts on how he approaches comedy, the process of working with producer/wife, Sue Vertue, and how he agonizes at the thought of the night of actual filming.

Now from the producer side of the equation, producer/wife Sue Vertue and her take on Steven’s writing process, and the differences she noticed during Coupling and Doctor Who with writing solo versus with a partner.

In: Comedy

  • Calum

    His earlier sitcom, Joking Apart, was funnier than Coupling, imho. (But he’ll never top Press Gang…)

    • @Calum: Loved Joking Apart. Have not heard of Press Gang, but after looking it up, need to find some videos somewhere if they exist.

  • Matt

    I loved Coupling but it wasnt as good when Jeff left

    • @Matt: totally agree. I always felt bad for the actor that played Oliver having to constantly live up to the genius of Jeff.