A Royal Wedding – British comedy style

As the world inches closer and closer to the big event on Friday, 29 April, now’s your chance to vote for your favorite British comedy proposal / nuptials. Who can forget David Horton’s down on one knee, million dollar, proposal put forth to the Vicar? I know it didn’t result in them tying the knot, but it hast ot be included simply due to Owen’s response. Maybe the visual of the Teletubbies crashing Hugo and Alice’s special day will earn your vote. Or, the improbable nuptials of Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Tomiades. How about Tom and Diana dancing around the issue at Bayview Retirement Village? Could the darkhorse be Edmund Blackadder and Bob?

As you think about your vote, don’t forget Lionel and Jean, Geraldine and Harry or Audrey and Richard DeVere. So many choices, so little time….

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  • James Pennington

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the name of a Britcom that came on back in the 80’s where there was a middle aged couple with 3 or 4 kids in their 20’s that had all moved back in the house…The husband had a moustache and his wife was named Beryl..it may have been and Austrailian comedy..

    • @James: I’m thinking you’re talking about No Place Like Home which starred William Gaunt and Patricia Garwood. There were 5 series done between 1983-1987. Hope this is it. If not, let me know. Bill