British scattershooting with Doc Martin V, Red Dwarf X and more….

Red Dwarf confirmation of series X – Smegtastic

Finally, from Birmingham City and Dimension Jump XVI, comes confirmation from series co-creator, Doug Naylor, followed by an immediate verification on Robert Llewellyn’s LlewBlog that there will, indeed, be a tenth series of Red Dwarf. Welcome news for those RD fans that were left with a definite thirst for more after the recent “Back to Earth” 3-parter. Llewellyn’s revelation on his blog that the cast had actually talked about the concept of still doing the series 20 years later, dubbing it Dad’s Army in Space, seems rather prophetic after yesterday’s confirmation. Word is, filming will begin in Oct/Nov of 2011 and conclude in February 2012 with a broadcast date to be determined on Dave sometime in 2012.

Doc Martin re-opens practice in Portwenn

At first glance, you’d think Martin Clunes was doing his best Reggie Perrin imitation when his highly successful ITV series, Doc Martin, went on a two-year hiatus. Thankfully, there was to be no development of Grot in Clunes’ future, however, as he took time off to pursue several documentary projects centered around his passion for dogs and horses. With those completed, Clunes returned to the Cornwall coast earlier this month to begin filming on the 5th season and the further exploits of the curmudgeonly GP, Martin Ellingham, in the fictional town of Portwenn. Clunes is joined by series regulars, Caroline Catz (Louisa Glasson) and Ian McNeice (Bert Large) and joined by new cast member, Dame Eileen Atkins (Upstairs Downstairs) as the Doc’s Aunt Ruth. Too many plot spoilers out there go on any further at this point.

Rowan Atkinson is Johnny English Reborn

There are movies that need to be made in the first place and those that don’t. There are movie sequels that need to be made and those that don’t. The original 2003 Rowan Atkinson vehicle always seemed to be more like a pitch of let’s take Atkinson’s brilliant Mr. Bean character, make him such an inept British spy that would make even Woody Allen’s character, Jimmy Bond, cringe from Casino Royale and ride the coattails of the Austin Powers franchise. Whatever the box-office was for the original, it was good enough to warrant a sequel, Johnny English Reborn, due out in the UK this October with the U.S. still TBA. The initial trailer has been released. You decide….

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