Rowan Atkinson's invite to the Royal Wedding

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but there’s a rather big event happening at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29 April. An event that will bring together not only a number of foreign dignitaries and members of British aristocracy but a rather lengthy list of expected and unexpected celebrities, friends, fellow Etonians and aides. Now that the official invite list has been revealed, seems as though a number of exes of both HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton (William & Kate) made the cut for the Royal Wedding too. FYI, the invites went out in February so if you haven’t received yours by now, it’s not looking good so I wouldn’t make any flight or hotel reservations at this point.

As expected, the Beckhams received invitations and should be in attendance, as did the likes of Sir Elton John and film director, Guy Ritchie. Maybe a surprise to some, but not to others, was that the comedic brilliance of Rowan Atkinson also received a coveted invite. Let’s hope it’s Rowan that accepts the invitation and not….

…Mr. Bean

…Father Gerald

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