David Jason guards Royal Family, Catherine Tate to take Office job?

Catherine Tate ready for final interview to head Dunder Mifflen

With an invite list that is rivaled only by the upcoming Royal Wedding, the 19 May season finale of The Office is clearly looking like the definition of appointment television. British comedienne, Catherine Tate, has been added to the list of potential candidates to replace the outgoing head of the Scranton, PA branch of Dunder Mifflen. Advancing to the final interview stage vying for Michael Scott’s job along with Tate will be Ray Romano and James Spader. Unfortunately, the rumor of Will Ferrell taking over seem to be just that, a rumor. Personally, Catherine Tate would be a brilliant choice to match wits with Dwight.

David Jason returns to comedy roots to star in The Royal Bodyguard

Another example of appointment television, this time on the other side of the pond, has the great David Jason, star of such classics as Open All Hours and Only Fools and Horses, starring in The Royal Bodyguard as Captain Guy Hubble, retired ex-guardsman soon to be head of the Royal Family security force. Given Hubble’s previous work experience was in the car park of Buckingham Palace, should make for some interesting television. Produced by Hat Trick Productions (Episodes, Outnumbered), this one is a series to keep an eye on given the David Jason greatness and being written by Worst Week of My Life creators, Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni. Filming for Jason’s first major comedy role in almost 20 years, will begin in July with transmission set for late 2011, early 2012.

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