Doctor Who + Family Guy = Doctor Stew

Counting down the days to the 23 April premiere of Doctor Who, sometimes you just run across things that are meant to be and just too good not to share. What could be better than a mind meld of the brilliance of Seth MacFarlane and the genius of Steven Moffat? It has all the ingredients for a viral internet success with the likes of Doctor Stew, K-Bri, Rose Tyler and the Retardis, as Family Guy meets Doctor Who.

I’m sure I’m late to the dance once again, but just ran across some internet genius from the mind and talents of Kevin Karstens. At this point, looks like there are two complete episodes, “Lil’ Infant is Sour” and “Whole Buncha Doctors” along with several ‘behind-the-scenes’ short pieces. Here’s a quickly pieced together bit that incorporates both completed episodes and some of the behind the scenes. Word is that episode three is in the final stages. Stay tuned.

This will definitely be time well spent between now and next Saturday night when that “other Doctor” show premieres.

In: Action/Drama,Comedy

  • Greetings…
    Wanted to thank you for this wonderful write up on our little fan series, your kind words and praise literally made my day…hell, my week for that matter.

    Very pleased you are enjoying it all so far, we are having a lot of fun doing it…stay tooned for the third installment, ‘Crack to the Future’, hopefully uploading in July…;)