Doctor Who S6 – 4 days! 2 new clips!

Never has the Internet universe been so abuzz with the impending premiere of S6 of Doctor Who this coming Saturday. Ok, maybe there was the same anticipation around this time last year for S5, but it makes great copy. As per the usual, rumors are rampant with grenades being lobbed about someone dying in the first episode (filmed in the U.S. for the first time in series history), the thought that John Simm could reprise his role as The Master or the fact that two separate seasons within a season means two cliffhangers, etc. Several tweets from various television critics that have seen the 2-part season premiere have said only, “…riveting” and “…mind blown“.

Whatever the case, there are only four days left until Saturday’s simultaneous premiere in the UK and the U.S., which is another reason anticipation is so high. Avoid the late arriving bandwagon jumpers. Stake your claim to a seat in front of the small screen now. For those in the UK that will have a 5-6 hour headstart on seeing the premiere, let us know what you think without spoilers by tweeting to @tellyspotting. Would love to hear.

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