Doctor Who – 47 (actually, 32) years in 6 minutes

Word is, there may be a few folks around the globe that don’t grasp the overall importance of Doctor Who as we move another day closer to Saturday’s premiere. Aside from the fact that this is continued Steven Moffat greatness, it will be the first time in the 32-year history of the series that it was shot in America. Not sure a Stetson on the Doctor is a good look, but time will tell.

If you secretly were afraid of emotionally attaching yourself to the series for fear it would sink into one of those “critically-acclaimed” series that went nowhere, I think your safe in the knowledge that the series is entering it’s 48th year including a short hiatus at one point. BTW, you can go ahead and get that internet connection you’ve been wondering about too, I think it’s here to stay also.

Here’s a little primer for those that have never seen Doctor Who. Not to worry, it’s only six minutes.

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