No pre-Royal Wedding talk here – It's Doctor Who time!

It just doesn’t seem right to talk Royal Wedding until the real event of the week has passed….and, that would be tonight’s premiere of the new season of Doctor Who, for those playing along at home. We’ve done our best to catch newbies up on the last 32 years of the Doctor’s travels so now it’s time for your last minute tutorial on the villains and monsters that have terrorized the Traveling Time Lord over that span of time. Available both as a graphic and a comprehensive list, study, memorize, keep for ease of reference or just use later to amaze your friends at parties. You are now ready for tonight’s eagerly awaited two-part season premiere.

You can download a full-screen version here. If you are playing along at home, the answer to your inevitable question is….the Daleks with 102 episodes in which they attempt to exterminate whatever is in their way.

If you need more party fodder, here’s a list of every single journey through time made by the Doctor over the years. The creator calls it his mega-visualization with the added tagline….information is beautiful. Cheers, happy viewing and a Happy St Georges Day to one and all.

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