Royal Wedding. Avoid, survive or endure? Your choice.

As the big event closes in on us tomorrow, there are plans being made to have or attend Royal Wedding watching parties around the globe no matter the time zone. Television networks can’t muscle their way in to Trafalgar Square quick enough to bring viewers more information than the law allows about every square inch of the royal couple in the week leading up to Friday’s ceremony. Have to admit, does seem to be a bit of overkill when you see a 5-minute report on one network morning newscast that analyzes video of Kate Middleton driving with the sole purpose being to determine if she is alone or if there is a male bodyguard in the back seat. I don’t know, you tell me. Overkill or will you be glued to the telly for the entire time on Friday?

Pubs across the land are offering respite to those wanting to avoid all the craziness. Thanks to the Telegraph, there are alternatives across the globe for those that don’t have anything but a passing interest with a very detailed Royal Wedding how-to primer on alternative ways to spend the day. The best? I’ll just leave you with this tease as you read or come up with your own solution.

Apply a coat of paint to your bedroom door. Pull up a chair. Watch the paint. The paint will slowly become less wet. Do this for the entirety of April 29. On April 30, you will have a newly painted door, and will have missed the Royal wedding. Congratulations. MIght I suggest a Hague Blue, perhaps?

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