Memorable British comedy weddings for your review

Celebrating today’s Royal wedding? Perhaps, you have Royal wedding talk tired head. Either way, there have been some classic British comedy weddings over the years that would rival any Royal nuptial from a memorable standpoint. How about a few to pass the time for old time sake. Have a favorite?

As Time Goes By – Alistair and Judy

As Time Goes By – Lionel and Jean

To the Manor Born – Richard and Audrey

Waiting for God – Tom and Diana

Are you Being Served – Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Tomiades

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  • Lisa C.

    Favorite Britcom wedding? “To the Manor Born.”
    When I watched the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding this morning and saw all those trees in Westminster Abbey, I couldn’t help thinking “Indoor-outdoor wedding!” a la Hyacinth’s indoor-outdoor barbecue. You know you’re a Britcom fan when . . . :).

  • manijeh ghanbari

    I liked when judy was getting married with alister in the as time goese by sitcom

    • @manijeh: thanks for your vote. Appreciate you watching British comedy and reading tellyspotting.